Welcome to St@rtup Harrisburg

Harrisburg’s first coworking space

A New Way To Work In Harrisburg

Fast Internet, hot coffee, use of conference room, free parking, networking and more!

A Better Place To Work

Get out of the home office or coffee shop and find a better work environment.


Get Creative

Find inspiration and get creative at Startup!  Meet new people, create ideas and get creative.

We > Me

As a group we can accomplish more than we ever could by ourselves.  Work together, have fun together & grow together.

Affordable Workspace

Don’t work in an office alone paying more than you need to.  Starting at $75 / month you can work with others and be super productive!

What Is St@rtup Harrisburg?

Startup Harrisburg – A coworking facility that’s redefining how we work.  Coworking spaces are meant to reduce distractions at home or work, boost productivity, creativity and connect.  We want to spark inspiration.  Our workspace and community have the tools and resources you need to get that great new idea off the ground.  Whether you’re a startup or work for a corporation, Startup can be a great new workspace for you.  At st@rtup, We > Me.  As a group we can accomplish more than we ever could by ourselves.  We work together, have fun together and grow together.  Whether you’re a graphic designer, author or consultant, you have to innovate to excel in your field.  As a member of st@rtup, you’ll get a leg up over your competition.  We don’t have cubicles or a boring work environment.  This means you’ll get to know one another through networking events, seminars and even just over a cup of coffee.

Why Work Here?

  • Awesome Amenities |  Fast wireless  internet, fresh coffee &  more.
  • Conference Room | Seat up to 6.  Present your pitch & Impress your clients.
  • Networking Events | Find clients, foster friendships and get involved.
  • All Utilities Included | That’s right–internet, electricity, water, … coffee.
  • Grow Your Business | It’s a place to collaborate, network and learn.
  • We connect dreamers and doers, thinkers and tinkerers.